June 8, 2018

Donate to Hope for Winter and help keep a fellow South African warm

The Hope for Winter charity drive returns to cities across South Africa in June and members of the public are invited to assist in the gathering of warm winter clothes, blankets and non-perishable food items for their local shelters. The 18th national Hope for Winter campaign is hosted by Mould Empower Serve (Mes), PEN, Isinkwa Setheku and Towers of Hope, in collaboration with various churches and charity organisations. Reverend Alan

SMS payment notifications when the “money has not gone through”

It’s late in the evening, you are paying for petrol at a garage with your bank card, and the pump attendant is holding the card machine above his head hoping to get a signal. Your phone then receives an SMS stating that the payment has gone through, but the attendant gives you a slip saying “Error” – and says you need to pay again. While your initial reaction may be to

‘Grass Eating Prophet’ Strikes Again…Brings Miracle Snake To Church

Loading… ‘Grass eating prophet’ strikes again…brings miracle snake to church Lesego Daniel, the South African pastor who once made his members eat grass and drink petrol, pulled another shocker in church by performing ‘miracles’ with a live pet snake. In photos which have gone viral, the prophet wrapped his pet snake around a cross made in the shape of a cobra head. The controversial prophet

Facebook bug switched millions of privacy settings to ‘public’

Facebook Inc had a software bug for 10 days in May that set the audience for people’s posts to “public,” even if they had intended to share them just with friends, or a smaller audience. The bug affected as many as 14 million people, the company said. Facebook will soon start individually informing the people who were affected by the bug. “We’d like to apologise for this mistake,” Erin Egan,

Ismail Momoniat: Our response to the EFF - Treasury

Official is the right person to represent it on all tax and financial sector policy related matters, says dept NATIONAL TREASURY RESPONDS TO EFF ATTACK The responsibilities of the National Treasury (the department) and the Ministry of Finance (the political head of the Treasury) are established in terms of Chapter 13 and other sections of the Constitution. They are elaborated upon in national legislation. These responsibilities cut across all three

Picket held outside West Rand District Municipality – DA

DA holds picket outside West Rand District Municipality 7 June 2018 This morning the DA held a peaceful picket outside the West Rand District Municipality over the illegal investment of R81 million of the people’s money with the VBS Mutual Bank. See pictures here, here and here. Click here for sound clip. A memorandum was handed over on behalf of the residents to West Rand District Municipality Mayor, Boyce Maneli with the following demands: – An explanation

'Do not provoke me' - Jacob Zuma

Former president tells detractors to keep quiet and discuss their own organisations ‘Do not provoke me’ – Zuma warns detractors 7 June 2018 Former president Jacob Zuma has “warned” those who continue to speak about him in public not to “provoke” him. Zuma told his detractors to keep quiet and discuss their own organisations, not him. “Not me, because I have things to say about their organisations, but I don’t