Babes Wodumo’s throwback nude picture

Babes Wodumo's throwback nude picture

 Babes Wodumo’s recent throwback nude made its way onto various timeliness just after she posted a throwback picture of herself as a 17-year-old model. Remember how Marie Claire naked Issues always cause a stir whenever the naked pictures are released.

And whilst we were commending her for her youthful looks a Twitter user then posted a throwback picture of a naked Babes Wodumo.

Babes Wodumo

Jealous down, Babes does have a beautiful body though.

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Babes Wodumo puts DJ C’ndo on blast

Instagram live strikes again

Babes wodumo puts cndo on blast

A video has surfaced online showing Afrotainment artist, DJ C’ndo chatting to a friend who reportedly goes by the name of Tipcee. In the video, the pair can be heard allegedly gossiping about West Ink artists Babes Wodumo, Mampinstha and Danger.

Babes Wodumo was sent the video by an unknown source and she uploaded it for reasons unknown with the following caption: “Abantu bayahleba ngami nomampintsha bathi siyahlohlana ?? udanger bamuqedile yena ????? if you an artist uyawuvala umlomo (to be deleted),” which translates to “people gossip about Mampintsha and I, saying that we’re each other’s instigators, as for Danger they’re finished with him..if you’re an artist you must close your mouth.”

The woman holding the phone is the woman named Tipcee and she is the one supposedly gossiping about Babes and Mampintsha and is saying that they are both instigators, meaning that they hype each other up for the wrong reasons.

DJ C’ndo can then be heard saying ‘uDevil’ and from what we gather from Babe’s caption, Danger is the one referred to as the Devil.

Babes Wodumo’s Instagram comments lit up like a Christmas tree. Check out the reactions.

Babes Wodumo's Instagram comments
Babes Wodumo's Instagram comments
Babes Wodumo's Instagram comments
Babes Wodumo's Instagram comments

Like one of the commenters above, we’ve been wondering how Babes got a hold of the video. Well, it turns out that it was initially an Instagram video that was recorded and later ended up making the rounds. Yikes! Emtee much!?

Babes Wodumo's Instagram comments



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