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I want to use some of my pension on debt and a deposit on a house

I read a Moneyweb article on early withdrawal from one’s pension fund and I need your advice please. I have done a lot of research and fully understand the tax implications. My pension is currently at R3.2 million, a nice sum which I have accumulated over 25 years of working. I have resigned and I would like to use some of my pension to settle my debts and put a nice

How can we apply our stokvel to property development?

We are a team of nine members and each is contributing R2 500 per month, we just started this year. So basically in a month, we are able to collect R22 500. For now, we have +/- R100 000 in the bank. Our main aim is to start a property business after 18 to 24 months, but that will not be easy because our money is just sitting in a

How should I invest R1.2m for a monthly income at retirement?

I am 66 years of age and have a total amount of R1.2 million invested in the Nedbank Seniors Green Savers Bond. I have no other debt and own my own property. This is the only money I have with no other income. What is the best way to invest this to draw a monthly income from it until I am 90? I cannot take on a lot of risk