Top games to play if you have insomnia

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Overthinking? Counting sheep? Or even worse, planning out a possible dream? Well, you might have insomnia. Technically, insomnia is understood as a sleep disorder that is marked by struggling to fall and/or stay asleep – waking up during the night and failing to go back to sleep. The bottom line for the rest of is that this is an annoying condition


A 22-year-old tourist was mauled to death by a lion in a game reserve outside Pretoria on Tuesday. The incident happened when a lioness under the watch of animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson went rogue and attacked the woman, apparently while she was taking photographs outside the fence of a tented camp in the Dinokeng Big Five Reserve, 45 kilometres outside of Pretoria. In a post on Facebook, Richardson explained how the incident occurred. “Myself and

kids toys

A new international survey released by civil group, World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), has listed the most dangerous toys sold in 2017. According to Kirstie Haslam, partner at DSC Attorneys, an alarming number of dangerous children’s toys are available on store shelves and online, which could result in personal injuries and even, in extreme cases, deaths. WATCH is an NGO that was created 45 years ago to monitor and

Listeriosis outbreak could hit broader economy

South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak could have a financial impact that extends far beyond the companies at the heart of the current crisis‚ Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies told parliament on Wednesday. “We have a significant reputational challenge which we now need to confront‚” he said. “Recovering from incidents like this is a massive challenge for companies concerned. They need to embrace it with a spirit of transparency. The same

Into the dark: Climber recounts terrible choice on Pakistan mountain

Urubko and climbing partner Adam Bielecki scrambled toward the cry, hoping to encounter stranded French mountaineer Elisabeth Revol and Polish alpinist Tomek Mackiewicz. They would only find one, forcing them to make the type of choice that has haunted past expeditions, fuelling books and films in which climbers and their loved ones struggle to come to terms with the at times fatal consequences of their drive to scale the world’s