The SA Post Office’s website is down again – And emails to staff are bouncing

The South African Post Office’s website is down – again. The website – – was not accessible when navigated to by MyBroadband on laptop and mobile browsers this evening. According to a MyBroadband reader, they have been unable to access the website for several days. Google Chrome delivered the following message when attempting to access the domain. This site can’t be reached.’s server IP address could not be found. The most recent Google cache of the site was on 18 May 2018, at 14:26 GMT. It appears the downtime…

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Could this be the start of another Sassa crisis?

The suspension of the tender process by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) to find a new service provider that will be responsible for cash payments to 2.5 million elderly and disabled beneficiaries has raised fears of a sequel to the social grants crisis. Sassa has five months to phase out and replace Cash Paymaster Services (CPS), whose contract to administer cash payments was extended in March for another six months by the Constitutional Court. Although Net1’s subsidiary CPS is responsible for paying a portion of social grant beneficiaries…

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CPS sees R420m losses under extended Sassa contract


That’s if the National Treasury doesn’t accede to its request to be paid more for distributing social grants for another six months. Social grants distributor Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) has for the first time revealed the extent of financial losses it might incur if the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) does not hike the company’s fee to pay social grants for an additional six months. In an answering affidavit to the Constitutional Court, CPS director Nunthakumarin Pillay said if Sassa paid it the same amount to distribute social grants…

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Sassa set to give CPS more powers in grant distributions


The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) wants to give Net1 subsidiary Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) more powers in the distribution of social grants if its invalid contract is extended for an additional six months from April 1. Sassa’s acting CEO Pearl Bhengu asked the Constitutional Court earlier this month to lift the invalidity of  the CPS contract to pay a portion of 10.7 million social grant beneficiaries until September 2018. Under the extended contract, CPS would be the paymaster for only 2.5 million elderly and disabled beneficiaries. In justifying…

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