Teen pleads guilty to hacking Apple

A teenager from Melbourne, Australia has pleaded guilty to hacking Apple, downloading 90GB of secure files and accessing customer accounts, The Age reported. The school student appeared in Children’s Court this week, where it heard that he started hacking Apple’s systems when he was 16. His lawyer stated that the teen hacked Apple several times over the course of a year because he was a big fan of the company,

Why putting Bitcoin stickers on your laptop may not be a good idea

Putting certain stickers on your laptop may not be a good idea, according to a report by Motherboard. The report referenced security experts who stated that certain stickers – like a Bitcoin logo or a political party emblem – can cause trouble for their owners. A Bitcoin sticker on your laptop, for example, can make you a potential target for hackers who may be on the lookout for target who

We told users we track them – Google

Google tracks the location of your Android phone even when you tell it not to, the AP reported. Google stated, however, that this is made clear to users. AP published its report after conducting an investigation into the matter, which it asked Princeton university researchers to confirm. Google states on its support pages that you can turn off Location History to prevent the company from storing the places you have

Security flaw reported on Gauteng school applications website

MyBroadband was recently informed of a potential security flaw on the Gauteng Department of Education’s admissions portal. The website facilitates online applications for admission of learner to public schools for grades 1-8. Through the website, parents or guardians can apply online for their child to be admitted into selected public schools in Gauteng. Once they have completed the application form, parents can then monitor their application through the portal after logging

Amazon Echo turned into listening bug through complex hack

Security researchers from China will present their hack of the Amazon Echo, which turns it into a spying device, at the DEFCON event in Las Vegas. Wu Huiyu and Qian Wenxiang, who work at Tencent, disclosed their discovery to Amazon which issued a patch, Wired reported. According to the report, the researchers had to exploit several bugs for the attack to work. Their technique also requires that they have access to

Fax machines are a massive security problem

Researchers at Check Point have disclosed a security vulnerability in HP OfficeJet multi-function printers, Wired reported. The security flaw allows an attacker to compromise affected printers with a specially-crafted fax and potentially gain access to a target network. Fax is still widely used in several industries and is considered a secure method to transmit sensitive documents. Check Point warned that nothing could be further from the truth, however. Fax offers

Belarus “shame scam” hits South Africa

A class of extortion scam which is known as the “Belarus Phishing Expedition” has reared its head in South Africa. It attempts to trick people into paying money to prevent embarrassing information about them appearing online. The scam requires a con-artist to trick you into believing that they have compromising information about you, and that they will send it to your friends and family unless you pay them. The scammer

iPhones do not listen in on users – Apple

Apple has responded to questions from the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the US, stating that iPhones do not listen to users without consent, Reuters reported. This followed congressional hearings into Facebook’s privacy practices, after news emerged that its APIs had been exploited to harvest personal data from users. Facebook disclosed that 96,121 people in South Africa were affected by one such instance of data being harvested by an app called

TSMC blames WannaCry for plant closures

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. blamed a variant of the 2017 WannaCry ransomware for the unprecedented shutdown of several plants, as it ramps up chipmaking for Apple Inc.’s next iPhones. Full operations have resumed and the malware will reduce revenue this quarter by no more than 2 percent, down from an initial estimate of roughly 3 percent, Chief Executive Officer C. C. Wei said Monday. The company faces shipment delays from

New scam email targets Absa and MWEB clients

MWEB and Absa clients have been targeted in a new email phishing attack, where they are asked to open an attachment aimed at stealing their private information. The email asks users to open an HTML attachment, which in turn opens a form in a browser which steals the victim’s personal details. In the past, executable keyloggers were attached to emails to steal account information from victims. However, most security services