Up Close with Zim’s Nyasha ‘Diva’ Mtamangira


A United Kingdom based Business Journal Tenth Estate recently released a list of Africa’s Top 50 Influential young people. Our Zimbabwe Correspondent caught up with one of the listed movers and shakers Nyasha ‘Diva’ Mtamangira who is a media personality in Zimbabwe. She is a TV Talkshow host and Television Producer, actress and fashion designer.

S24: What was your childhood ambition?
NM: Well, you won’t believe this one, I actually wanted to be a lawyer at some point. Then the gears shifted and I started fantasizing about being on television. I just wanted to be a star and the quickest way to do that was to sing but here was the glitch, I can’t sing – lol. At all. I have always been inclined to media though because I wrote a lot of short stories and novels growing up. (My mother tell that part better though)

S24:Who influenced your life?
NM: My mother, in more ways than I realized till I was older

S24:Your first job?
NM:My first real job was in media. I was a programmes compiler, sounds fancy? Well actually it’s not. It was a very humbling job. I would carry tapes(very big tapes by the way) all the way from the archive to the master controllers room and arrange them for broadcast. You won’t believe how excited I was about though! Passion! To make matters worse I would do it in heels… all day! But before long, I got a promotion.

S24:How do you keep fit?
NM:I dedicate an hour to the gym every day, I have done this for almost four years now and I love it!

I can’t live without my daughter’s smile…

S24What is your source of happiness?
NM:Happiness has a lot to do with self. Two things I have learnt. Other people cannot be your source of happiness and you cannot make yourself happy by making other people miserable. So being happy first will help you find happiness in simple things, family and friends.

S24:What today in society is a cause of concern?
NM:The abuse of the girl child, you think you are winning in society and making strides then you hear stories of that 9 year old girl for example and other people even have the audacity to call her a prostitute, seriously? A nine year old can only be a victim of abuse. The girl child is still not protected enough.

S24: What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about the girl child. There is empowerment yes but I feel that something has to be done to protect the innocence of the girl child. Even as women we are still vulnerable in so many ways than one. We need to do more for each other as sisters.

In Action…

S24: What motivated you to start a talkshow on ZBC?
NM: Funny enough the reason was never about me. It was about others. I figured people, especially in Bulawayo had no platform to tell their stories. Then I said to myself, why not create that platform. I figured out that sharing stories about how one got ahead or overcame certain challenges would assist those watching at home to keep striving, and I did just that.

S24: What can’t you do without for a day?
NM: That’s easy my phone, lipstick, heels, my daughter’s smile

S24: What are your biggest achievements to date?
NM:My talkshow made great strides in our city and even gave birth to other people starting their own talk shows. It was the first real talk show that appealed to the younger generation in Zimbabwe. To date we have so many other talk shows.
I was cast in a movie to be shot this year alongside South African ‘A listers Katlego Danke and Luthuli Dlamini
I was named one of the top 50 influential young people for 2017 by Tenth Estate

S24: What’s your biggest disappointment?
It’s not very easy to admit disappointments. But I will tell you a very personal one. Love and relationships have been my biggest disappointment. I am one person who falls in love and hard. So I give all in relationships and sometimes too much. Just when I think this time it’s going to be different everything just comes crashing. It hurts. But I secretly haven’t given up on love… lol

S24: If you were not in this particular career, what would you be doing?
NM: Definitely I would be singing or travelling the world and helping people like Mother Theresa did

S24: What other interests do you have besides television?
NM: Fashion. I am naturally a creative person so it’s very easy for me to use my hands to create something. I style hair too that’s why I can do my daughters hair so well!! Fitness is another of my interests and I am pursuing training others and help them achieve their fitness goals.

S24: How religious are you?
NM: Very. I grew up in a Christian family, with very solid family and Christian values and morals. So moral of my story, no matter how far I deviate, I always find my way back to the Lord.

S24: What could you have done better in life?
NM: I am in that place where I do not want to have an answer to that question so I am giving everything I am doing the best shot and adequate attention so I can do the best I can on all accounts.

S24: Top five things to do before you retire
NM: Travel the world, invest in my daughters future, Restore what my family has lost(its personal, if you know me well you will understand), invest in young people and win an academy award.

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